Sevier County Food Ministries

A Christian Ministry serving Sevier County, TN

890 Old Knoxville Highway (865) 428-5182
PO Box 6042 Sevierville, TN  37864

Volunteer your time or make donations to serve needy families and individuals in Sevier County, TN.

We have outgrown our building. As the ministry serves an ever-increasing need in the community, we need more and more space for workflow processes.




When the Sevier County Food Ministries started in March of 1992, we served 135 families in the first week. Over the past ten years Sevier County Food Ministries has gone from serving an average of 764 families per week to an average of 1,123 families per week.

The population of Sevier County in 1992 was 51,043. The estimated population for 2010 is 86,243. Thatís a population increase of almost 69%.

The ministry needs:

  • Repairs to a roof with serious and frequent leaks
  • More space for storage and distribution of food
  • More space to meet privately with neighbors who are needing counseling and prayer
  • More space for administering the daily operations of the food ministry
  • More space for the Hope Room to store items to be given away for emergency needs (e.g. after a fire, clothes for an interview, etc.)
  • More space for the thrift store to store, process and display non-food donations from the community

Mr. Hugh Ogle, retired owner of Community Techtonics, has donated his time and talents to draw an architectural design for the needed changes. Mr. Don Hubbard, a professional construction project manager, has donated his time to make an estimate of building costs and will supervise the actual building expansion project to its conclusion. The estimated cost of the entire project is $182,000.

The Steering Committee of the ministry has determined to proceed with the project
A) When the total monies needed for the project are available and
B) On the condition that we continue ministering to the needs of the community without interruption during the construction process.

Our goal is to have the $182,000 in the bank by the beginning of 2011 without taking away from any of the money so desperately needed for food. Our hope is to make improvements before the roof, etc. deteriorate any more.

The Steering Committee of Sevier County Food Ministries asks you to prayerfully consider helping the ministry in our time of need.

If you feel led to help Sevier County Food Ministries have more space to do all the good work that they are doing for so many, please contact Jim Johnson, Steering Committee Chairman, at (865) 436-7877 and ask about the expansion project for Sevier County Food Ministries.

Or, please send your donation to:

Sevier County Food Ministries
ATTN: Building Fund
PO Box 6042
Sevierville, TN 37864

Sevier County Food Ministries Steering Committee

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